3D Models and Audio Jigs!

We have the pleasure to announce that we now support Jigs containing 3D models and audio in our explorer!

In order to do that, we are going to be using the metadata object as explained here.

So, in a few words:

  • for Audio files, you could just set a b protocol uri (b://) that references the file
  • for 3D models is the same: use a b uri that references the file. The only clarification is that for now, we only support 3D models in GLB format.


Audio files

For audio files, the supported formats are WAV, MP3 and OGG. All browsers support those formats except Safari that doesn’t support OGG, and Edge, that doesn’t support WAV and OGG previous version 79.

Why GLB format for 3D models?

There are plenty of formats to represent 3D objects. GLB is often used for 3D NFTs and other renderings on the web because it has all the information needed (like the lighting, the textures, the cameras, etc.) stored in just one binary file. It’s the standalone version of the GLTF format, which contains the same information but spread across several files and uses JSON to encode it. So we use GLB not only for its convenience, but because it also takes less space (~33%) and is faster in loading times.

Ok, great! Do you have an example?

Yep, here is a link to a post in which we explain how to upload files to the blockchain using our brand-new tool called EasyB.

Here are some jig examples if you want to play with them directly in the explorer:

If everything is alright, for example, a 3D model should look like this:

And that’s it! See you in the next post!