As part of our mission to keeping bringing you regular updates to the development platform, we’re releasing a new version of the Run SDK: v0.6.36. This release brings further improvements to the v0.6 SDK. Install it from NPM or download it here.


Feature: UTXO caching in the LocalPurse

The default purse used in Run now caches its UTXOs across payments. This means that once the purse downloads its UTXOs once, there are no more network calls required, making your app run faster.

You can prime the UTXOs in advance of your first transaction by calling await run.purse.utxos(). You can also disable UTXO caching if you are having problems by setting run.purse.cacheUtxos = false. When all UTXOs have been consumed, the purse will make a network call again to try to query new UTXOs.

Feature: New Purse API cancel() method for wallets

For wallets, the Purse API now includes a new method, cancel(). This lets wallets to reclaim UTXOs on transactions that won’t be published.

Run cannot 100% know if a transaction will not be published because the user may export the raw hex and publish it themselves, but there are cases where Run does know and here a notification helps.

Feature: New backingLimit setting to increase soft cap

The maximum amount of satoshis that may back a jig is now configurable. Prior to 0.6.36, as a safety feature, only 100,000,000 (1 BSV) was allowed to back a jig, but now this number can be increased by setting run.backingLimit = <higher-value>. The value you set is only a local cap though and any jig may be loaded no matter how many satoshis are backing it.

Remove MatterCloud plugin because no longer supported

The MatterCloud API is no longer working, so we removed the plugin from the Run SDK. If it is supported again, we will add it back.