Today we’re releasing Run SDK v0.6.37. This change lowers fee rates from 250sats/kb to 50sats/kb, adds an NFT class, and fixes an issue where the inventory would always begin syncing in the background. Install it from NPM or download it here.


Feature: Lower default fee rate to 50 sats/kb

Bitcoin SV nodes are now accepting 50 sats/kb by default. While some miners are accepting rates even lower, we believe it’s best as a default to ensure as many nodes as possible receive your transactions. You can configure this rate lower by setting bsv.Transaction.FEE_PER_KB.

Feature: NFT class

A NFT class is now part of Run.extra that ships with the SDK. This class allows you to mint a limited supply of non-fungible tokens containing art, music, or other metadata. You can extend from it directly like you do the Token class for fungible tokens, or use TokenKit to deploy and mint NFTs.

Bugfix: No longer sync inventory when Run instance created

The inventory used to automatically begin syncing in the background as soon as the Run instance was created. Now the user is expected to call run.inventory.sync() if they wish to do this.