We are thrilled to present our new explorer!

So… what’s new?

As soon as you enter Jig City, you’re going to see the main search bar in which you can enter either a jig location, an address or a transaction id. Also, you’re going to see some real time stats for the last 24 hours and a rapidly moving activity feed to get a grasp of how the network is doing in the present. All these elements are clickable, so go wild, click around and see what you can discover!

Mobile Support

Now you can see your favourite jigs anywhere!


New Search Layout

Every time you enter something valid into the search bar, you’re going to get a two-panel layout. On the left you’ll see the main information and on the right you’ll get different tabs depending on what the entity you’re looking at has to offer.

So, when looking for Locations:

If you enter a jig location into the search bar, you’ll see a left panel showing its name, origin, owner (address or class if it’s a custom lock), the parent class and the last transaction the jig was involved on. Then, in the right panel you’ll get a subset of the following tabs:

  • Image/Audio/3D Model: Depending on the metadata state. For further information, visit our previous post regarding our media protocol
  • Code
  • Properties: An explorer to navigate through all jig properties, including objects and arrays. See demo below
  • Custom Lock: If the owner field of your jig is a custom lock, you’ll get a dedicated tab to show its details

If you’re looking for addresses:

…you’ll see them in the left panel, and its inventory in the right one. The inventory is going to be divided into two different tabs:

  • Instances
  • Classes and Functions

All inventory items are clickable, so you can navigate straight to them.

When looking for transactions

If you enter a valid transaction, you’ll get two sections in the right panel:

  • Inputs & Outputs: it shows all the jigs that participated on the present transaction. All items are clickable, so you can navigate straight to them
  • Execution: Here you’ll see the list of all the instructions that were executed in the current transaction

What’s next?

We have a ton of ideas for Jig City. We’re currently working in the following threads:

  • Jig History View: a new section to see the entire state evolution of a jig and quick access to different points in time
  • Global Stats Page: a dedicated page to show different metrics and stats provided by our brand new state server. Stay tuned for more news about our upcoming APIs!
  • Stats for particular jigs: as we mentioned above, we’re currently working on that, so you could see how jigs are being used
  • Rarity Badge: a standardized way to show the level of rarity jigs have

We’re also looking for new ideas, so if you think we could add something that could help the community, please contact us!

And that’s all for now!

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements!