There are two reasons people use the Atlantis Slack today: to report that the Bitbus SSL certificate has expired; and to use the #run-sdk channel.

But, Atlantis old friend, it’s time to say farewell…

Today we are launching our new community Discord:

Run Nation

Atlantis was a good fit for our burgeoning community. We’ve always aligned with the five rules of Atlantis, and back in the day Atlantis was hands down the most active and vibrant BSV dev community.

Atlantis rules

It’s fair to say Atlantis isn’t quite what it used to be. Meanwhile, Run is growing. Our team is growing, the number of apps using Run is growing, and the number of transactions using our protocol is growing - massively! We know we need to be more visible and more accessible to our growing community.

Today we launch The Run Nation - the official home for developers, entrepreneurs, artists and enthusiasts to learn about and get involved in the Run ecosystem.

Whatever your background or experience levels, everyone is welcome at Run Nation!

League of nations

In migrating to Discord, we are joining a growing number of BSV and Run-friendly Discord communities: