Upcoming Changes

The team behind Run has made the decision to do something new. This post outlines what changes to expect and when.

To all of the Run community who have built with us over the past 3 years, from the bottom of our heart, thank you. We’ve seen your games, NFTs for art, music and even 3D, social media platforms, business applications, stablecoins, DEXs and AMMs, and more be built using Run. From big game studios to solo artists, your creativity and your creations helped to generate over 600M transactions, proving that there is indeed a simpler and more scalable way to build on blockchain.

The RUN protocol will continue to work. It is why we built Run as an open protocol and open ecosystem. And we’re going to do our best to ensure a smooth transition. There will be changes however, and to that end:

Run SDK will be open sourced on September 30

The unminified Run SDK will be released on GitHub on September 30th. It will be open source under the same MIT license as the minified SDK and will include the kernel that loads and creates transactions, all of the plugins, and over 2700 tests. Over the next 2 weeks, we will clean up and document the code so that it is readable and understandable.

Community support will be discretionary going forward

The community Discord will continue to operate but our team cannot promise we will always be around. There are many amazing Run developers who do understand jigs deeply though and are there to answer questions. We hope you can tap into each other.

The Run APIs will be shut down at the end of 2022

Our free APIs will have an end-of-life and we’ve already begun to scale them back. This means they will be a little less reliable than they used to be. For replacements, several apps today already built their own Run APIs so we recommend reaching out to each other. Also, Run-DB 2.0 allows anyone to be their own API provider and this will also be released by the end of the month.

Finally, Run is looking for a new home

We are actively searching for a new owner for Run. Ideally it would be a team who can keep the vision alive. If you are interested in acquiring the assets for Run, we’d love to speak to you. Please contact brenton@run.network.

Again, thank you again to everyone who supported us along the way. This isn’t a goodbye - this is a see you later. We will still be around even as we do something different.

Update: It seems we were a bit too coy. We’ve been amused to read some of the community’s speculation about the reasons for this change, but we need to put the record straight: No, we are not pivoting to build on the lightning network; our company reserves were not lost in the Luna collapse; and no, we are not being sued by Craig Wright, Roy Murphy or anyone else. The truth is much simpler - we just got excited by something else. We’ve always been innovators and will continue to be.